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News about The Roger Thomas Collection’s partnerships and products.

May, 2015

Moore and Giles launches The Roger Thomas Collection leathers. | Overview. | Event photos.

OW Hospitality launches the “Lost and Found” collection by Roger Thomas. | Press release.

Hotel Business Design

January, 2015

Roger Thomas Collection announces new online focus for 2015. | News Release.

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October, 2014

Rocky Mountain Hardware launches the Flute Collection by Roger Thomas.


Traditional Home RTC Flute Collection

Roger Thomas Collection in the News

Industry News from Architectural Digest about The Roger Thomas Collection

March, 2014

Roger Thomas Collection and OW Hospitality announce partnership for exclusive line of carpets.



July, 2012

Interior Design Editor-in-chief Cindy Allen interviews Roger.

RTC partners with the Philips Collection. | News release.

June, 2012

The Roger Thomas Jewelry collection.

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April, 2012

Maya Romanoff launches new wallcoverings with The Roger Thomas Collection. | News release.

December, 2011

S. Harris announces Roger Thomas fabric collection. | News release.


June, 2011

Roger Thomas previews a new collection for Boyd Lighting.

July, 2010

Rocky Mountain Hardware introduces RTC’s “Paris” collection. | News release.

June, 2010

Fromental and Roger Thomas collaborate on handmade wallpaper.


May, 2010

Townsend Leather unveils Roger Thomas-designed faux parchment leathers. | News release.